I love working with amazing authors, writers who are passionate about their craft, and together we take your novel from good to phenomenal.

Hi, I’m casey

I’m a messy bun wearing introvert, who wears yoga pants more often than not, owns more books than I’ll ever read in this lifetime, and I am addicted to cheese. I’m also an award-winning editor, who has worked with dozens of authors, from brand-new writers working on their debut novel to USA Today bestselling authors working on their dozenth novel. 

With a precise balance of humor, tact, and expertise, I point out all of the flaws in a manuscript and then help the author rebuild it. They rewrite, adding thousands of words to their books, making them infinitely more emotional, incorporating character growth that wasn’t apparent before, and adding enough tension to keep any reader hooked until the last page.  

 It’s basically magic. (Mine and yours.)

Books have been a huge influence in my life, and I knew that I wouldn’t be happy unless I created a career that allowed me to read every single day. But I don’t just want to read. I want to help create. I want to help inspire.

I’ve held many jobs where I was surrounded by books. I’ve worked at libraries. I was an Assistant Store Manager at a bookstore. I started writing reviews for Literary Escapism in 2010 and continue to have monthly book discussions on the Shelf Addiction podcast. I created and hosted Reading Until Dawn Con, a fun event for authors and readers to party together all weekend long. There were a few other non-book related jobs along the way, but they were never as fun.

Despite having all these bookish jobs, somehow it was never enough. I wanted to do more.

I founded Heart Full of Ink in 2017 with one goal in mind: helping other authors. I could help with the inception of the story, with plotting sessions and book coaching. I could work with the author during rounds of edits to enhance their story, pushing them to dig deeper. I could help the authors after the book was finished with back cover copies and creating series bibles.

I created my dream job. And I haven’t looked back once.

Listen to me!

I’ve been a co-host on the #3Bloggers1Series podcast since it’s inception in 2017. You can listen to me, Tarama from Shelf Addiction, and Nicola from Alpha Heroes take on an Urban Fantasy series and give our honest opinions about each book. 

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“I believe that when we put our hearts to it, we can achieve absolutely anything we want. Period.”


I work with traditional and indie published authors.
I work with traditional and indie published authors, debut and established authors, at every step in their writing process. From talking out plotting problems to creating beautiful series book bibles, no matter what your book needs, I can help you fix it.
  • Developmental Edits
  • Series Book Bibles
  • Plotting Sessions
  • Back Cover Copies

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Casey on several projects, and have come to appreciate and depend upon her keen eye and unique insight. She’s the perfect combination of a devoted reader and a consummate professional, and her feedback consistently elevates the overall quality of my work as an author. From characterization to themes and plot, Casey is able to identify potential issues and make sound recommendations for improvement. She’s become my trusted partner and an indispensable resource, and I would highly recommend her services to writers at all levels of the game.” 

Cynthia St. Aubin

USA Today Bestselling Author

I’m a sucker for beautifully written stories. The World needs more of them. Let’s create them together.

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