Editorial Services 

Developmental Editing – $0.01 per word

Developmental edits are all about the content of your novel.Content is the heart of your novel. You could have a completely grammatically correct story, but if the content doesn’t flow, or has giant plot holes, you will lose readers. As an author, you should focus on the story itself before worrying about the grammar. I am here to help make sure that the content, the heart, of your novel is the best it can be.

Developmental Edits could include:

  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • World Building
  • Characters
  • Voice
  • Plus any other areas I feel your manuscript needs help

Some editorial suggestions will be made in the Review Comments sections of a Word document. Each round of edits will come with an Editorial Report that covers each of the above points, expands on any suggestions made in the manuscript, and details any other insights about your novel.

I do not any line edits or copyedits in a developmental edit because I offer those separately.

Content editing comes with two rounds of edits. A third round of edits can be bought for half (50%) of the original price.

Line Edits $0.01 per word

Line edits can be done at the same time as the developmental edits. Line edits are all about the voice, or prose, of the story. I look for things like repetitive words, the flow of sentences, making sure the language suits the time period, and any language that doesn’t fit within a character’s developed personality. I will only point these out to you. It is up to you if you decide to make these changes, and what changes will be made. I am always happy to answer any follow up questions, or explain

In a Line Edit I may point out:

  • Overused words
  • Run-on sentences
  • Tense shifts
  • Scenes were the action or meaning is confusing due to bad transitions or wording
  • Confusing dialogue, or instances where the dialogue could be tightened
  • Suggestions that may clarify or enhance your content

There is only one round on line edits. If a second round is required or wanted, the price will be half (50%) of the original cost.


Copyedits $0.008 per word

Copyedits should be the last round of edits you do with your novel before you hit publish. Copyedits are the stage where I go line by line, checking for any typos, grammatically errors, inconsistencies, and the occasional fact check. Inconsistencies could be the hero being described with black hair on page 21, but with blond hair on page 64. Fact checking could be if your heroine is a firefighter and goes on a call, I would make sure that she’s using the proper terminology and techniques.

A copyedit will:

  • Correct any spelling or grammatical errors
  • Ensure consistency in spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization (especially important for fantasy worlds)
  • Ensure internal consistency in plot, setting, and character traits
  • Mark any ambiguous or factually incorrect statements

Copyedits have one round of edits. If a second pass is required or wanted, the price will be half (50%) of the original cost.


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