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Fixing books one plot hole at a time.

Developmental Edits

Content is the heart of your novel.

Don’t skip over the big-picture work! Whether you have a messy draft that needs a lot of tough love or a solid manuscript that needs you to dig deeper, this developmental editing service is for you. I will help make sure that your whole story, from start to finish, is stunning. Your manuscript will get detailed feedback and useful, achievable solutions, that keep your voice, your style, and your story yours.

  • Hook your readers, and keep them invested
  • Make sure every scene moves the plot along
  • Dig into the hows and whys of your world
  • Strengthen the bonds between your characters
  • Perfectly illuminate plot arcs and backstories
  • Unlimited access to me to clarify any questions about your feedback
  • And so much more…

How It Works

I read through your entire manuscript at least once, digging through all of the above. Once finished, I leave notes in the manuscript and write up a 5 to 20-page report, detailing any issues and suggestions I have for your story. Rate: $0.015 per word. (0.015 x 50,000 words = $750)    

Line Edits

The devil is in the details.

Now that the big picture elements are taken care of, let’s delve deeper into your book. With line edits, I go far beyond a basic grammar check. This is where I get nitty and gritty, really forcing you to make sure that every word is truly telling your story. Line by line, I go through your manuscript, going over these areas:

  • Inconsistencies with details (descriptions, world building, having a character take off socks on one page, and then again on the next page, etc.)
  • Awkward transitions
  • Unclear phrasing
  • Repetitive words (or phrases or thoughts from characters)
  • Flow and pacing
  • Spelling errors/misused words
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Consistency with italics vs bold
  • Grammar


How It Works

All edits are made using The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.) and Track Changes. Authors only receive one (1) round of Line Edits. However, if a second round is required, it will only be half the cost of the first round. Rate: $0.012 per word. (0.012 x 50,000 words = $600)   


The final read through.

After fixing all of the big story issues and going through each sentence to make sure that every word has a purpose, you have one final round of edits left. Proofreading

  • Typos
  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Inconsistencies in spelling and capitalization
  • Missing or duplicate words
  • Formatting issues (e.g., ensuring that quotation marks face the correct direction, dashes are not rendered as double hyphens, extra spaces are deleted)
  • Chapter numbering


How It Works

It is highly suggested to get a fresh pair of eyes to do the final read of your manuscript before you hit publish. If I have not done a Developmental Edit or Line Edit on your manuscript, I would be happy to Proofread it for you. If I have already edited your manuscript, I do have other editors who I work with on a regular basis who will perform the final round edits.   Rate: $0.01 per word. (0.01 x 50,000 words = $500)   

Back Cover Copy

Your blurb should attract new readers like a magnet!

Do you struggle with writing a captivating back cover copy? Let me help you get the recognition your book deserves with an attention-grabbing back cover copy.

I offer different style options including:

  • Standard multi-paragraph style, 3rd person POV alternating H/H
  • Standard multi-paragraph style, 1st person POV alternating H/H
  • Standard multi-paragraph style, 1st person POV, one character
  • Novelty (police blotter, To Do List, etc.)
  • Other

How it works

After a quick questionnaire to make sure that we are on the same page, I will read your manuscript and/or your synopsis, then create a unique, captivating back cover copy. I will do up to two rounds of revisions to make it absolutely perfect for you. Rate: $100

Great Eye for Detail

“I’m so thrilled to have had Casey work on a book bible for my Demonica series! It’s a long series and very complicated, and she has a great eye for detail, catching things I’d completely forgotten! I’d recommend Casey over and over. Thank you, Casey!”

Larissa Ione, NYT Bestselling Author

Casey is absolutely brilliant!

“Finding the right developmental editor is vital to an author’s creative process. It’s a delicate skill that requires providing an influential critique while also giving critical feedback in a non-belittling way. There are not many editors out there who can do this, but Casey has mastered the skill.

Casey reviews manuscripts in a positive way that touches on the strengths of the story, while also pointing out the flaws in a constructive manner. Her notes always bolster my confidence in my writing and provide fantastic advice/direction on how to improve the story/plot. And her attention to detail is spot on. She’s absolutely brilliant, and I will definitely be working with her on my future projects.”

Lexi C. Foss, Award Winning Author

Wonderful to work with

“I reached out to Casey to help proofread and edit my new eBook for my clients. She was wonderful to work with! She is thorough, quick, and is able to notice things that would benefit from change that I didn’t see, which is exactly what you want in a copyeditor. I will definitely use her again in the future!”

Jessica Foster, Founder & Educator at the Abundant Living Community

So happy I found Casey & Heart Full of Ink!

“I was so happy with the back cover copy that Casey wrote for my new book, Drawn to Dark. I just couldn’t get it right, no matter how hard I tried. And she was fast too! I’m so happy that I found Heart Full of Ink! I will definitely be working with Casey again and highly recommend her services.”

Emma Tharp, Author of Drawn to Dark

Absolute go to for content editing!

“Casey has this incredible ability to immerse herself in the story, allowing her to spot plot holes and character inconsistencies that I might have missed on my own. She is my absolute go-to for content-editing, I love working with her so much!”

Roselynn CannesDebut Author of Fallen

Are you ready to take your book from good to phenomenal?