1. I’ve been reading romance novels for most of my life.

I know it inside and out. I read everything from YA to erotic romance, and I can help you with any subgenre. Historical, check. Paranormal, definitely. Romantic suspense, absolutely. I can also work with any heat level from sweet to burn my pants off.


  1. I once had an author threaten to punch me in the face.

That sounds terrible, but let me explain. I was helping her through a problem with her plot. I told her why her way wasn’t working and what she needed to do to change it. She growled, pouted, threatened me, walked away, and an hour later told me that I was right.* When you hire a good editor, they will help you fix your novel. When you hire the right editor, they will make you dig deeper, work harder, and probably make you want to punch said editor. But your novel will be more emotional and explosive, and all the better for it.


  1. Inconsistencies!

Do you have trouble keeping track of the teeny, tiny details, that you don’t think anyone would notice? For example, in Chapter One, a character says that they’ve never been to New York in an off-handed remark to their best friend. But then in Chapter Twenty, suddenly the same character went on a family trip to New York when they were thirteen.

I catch ALL of those details. With Line Edits, I go over your novel with a fine-toothed comb, looking for any small inconsistencies, while making sure that your word choice is strong and flows smoothly, and the style remains the same throughout.

Have trouble keeping track of details after you published your book? I do create beautiful, color-coded book bibles for manuscripts, published novels, and series. Talk me to about it!


  1. Fast turn around.

I can edit a 75K novel and get it back to you in one to two weeks. I take my time, making sure I catch everything I need to, while still getting it back to you quickly. Once you go through that round of edits, we can move onto the next stage.

Need an edit done faster? Talk to me about my three-day turn around!


  1. I ALWAYS do two rounds of developmental edits with you.

If you hire me to do content edits on your romance novel, you automatically get two rounds of edits. The first round, I’ll send you a  marked-up copy of your manuscript and a report, detailing character assessments, plot arc, specific scenes that need work, pacing, and overall impressions as both an editor and a reader. You can take the edits and make any changes you want. Then, you get to send it back to me with all of your changes. I’ll do another round of edits to make sure that everything still flows smoothly and there aren’t any new problems. I’ll send you a second report with all new assessments.


Are you ready to dig deep, and make your book the absolute best it can be? Contact me today and tell me your story!


*I am happy to say that that kerfuffle did not end our friendship.