One question I get asked often is, “What are teasers?”

Simply put, teasers are the quotes taken out of your novel and used as marketing to entice readers to buy your book. They are the one-liners, short snippets, and longer excerpts. Sometimes they are used with graphics, and sometimes they left as standalone quotes.

The follow-up question that inevitably comes is, “Why do I need them?”
As an author, you need them to market your book. Every single author should be using quotes from their book as part of their marketing plan. Covers only do so much, and word-of-mouth only work if readers pick up the book in the first place.

Teasers are supposed to get readers excited about your book. The quote should make the reader want to keep reading.

With romance books, some authors feel like they must post quotes from the sex scenes. That isn’t true. You can post a quote from any part of your book. Witty dialogue, emotional declarations*, a line from the villain, or even just the first sentence of your book, could all be used as teasers. It needs to be compelling, and leave the reader asking more questions. What happens next? Why are these characters this way? Will they be able to overcome this obstacle?

And, yes, if you have a lot of scorching hot sex scenes, you can definitely post a few lines from there to tempt your readers.

Still unsure of how to pick the best teasers from your novel? I can help with that! I read your book in its entirety, pulling 12-15 quotes for you to use. Ready to get started? Contact me today.

*When I say emotional declarations, I don’t mean the “I love you” scene. I mean, if the heroine is proclaiming her hatred for the hero, or the hero is stating how he would never, ever fall in love. The quote should be something that makes the reader want to see where it will lead. Will the heroine really hate the hero forever? Will the hero never fall in love?